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Giant Egg Surprise

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The Original Egg Surprise Opening!

About The Original Egg Surprise.

This novelty gift is adored by children and parents alike!

Our Eggs can be used as an alternative party bag, is great for Easter egg hunts and for concealing Birthday and Christmas presents! As an unusual storage device, this special egg can be re-used again and again! As seen on YouTube decorate with your child’s favourite characters on our coloured egg.

Why not use stickers, wrapping paper and other crafts to bring your special egg to life! Our eggs will make your party a show stopper!! A robust hard shell makes this a quality toy, something your child will keep for years to come. Encourage your child’s imagination today!


Fun Facts About The Eggs

  • Our eggs are 14 inches high/36 cm high
  • Great for rewarding children
  • Perfect addition to any Easter egg hunt
  • Our eggs are tough and re-usable
  • Unusual Birthday gift
  • Look out for our Halloween and Christmas eggs
  • Dishwasher proof
  • Party Bag alternative
  • Make your own fun videos using our eggs
The Original Egg Surprise Video


My children were so excited when they saw the egg, it’s huge and can you can fit lots inside it! I love the fact it can be used again and again and I can use stickers to decorate it. It will definitely be at the end of next year’s Easter egg hunt!

Mrs Bloomfield, Suffolk

Praise for the wonder egg!! The original surprise egg is a must have for any occasion! I have filled it with wrapped presents for my son’s birthday. Decorated with stickers and crammed with sweets, stocking fillers and goodies!  For the next birthday I’m going to cover it with play-doh!!! The possibilities are endless. The best thing of all is the look of sheer surprise when they open it up!

Mrs Brookes, Norfolk