///Yellow Egg Surprise

Yellow Egg Surprise


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This 14 inch giant egg will have your children flabbergasted! This robust re-usable giant egg is so versatile you can re-fill, re-decorate and create the excitement all over again for all different occasions. The Original Egg Surprise is a trusted brand and CE Approved.



184 in stock


Why not use some of our cracking ideas to create your own Egg Surprise.


  1. Of course an Easter Egg hunt
  2. Create your own Youtube video
  3. A Valentines egg filled with your loved ones favourite goodies
  4.  Decorate it with your favourite superhero stickers
  5. Wrap it with wrapping paper of your choice
  6. Unusual Birthday gift
  7. Create the best party bags in town
  8. Fill them with more grown up toys/clothing/jewellery for older children and adults
  9. Fill one and leave it on somebody’s door step , imagine how surprised they would be
  10. Put a teddy inside
  11. Cover it in your child’s favourite animal stickers
  12.  I hope you enjoy giving these to your loved ones as much as we enjoyed giving them to ours at The Original Egg Surprise!



1 review for Yellow Egg Surprise

  1. Claire williams

    I purchased this egg for my son last Easter and filled it with mini eggs, lego and some of his favourite authors books. He loved it so much so that I have ordered two more for my nephews this year .

    My son still keeps his lego in his egg as they are so durable.

    I would def recommend to my family and friends

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